6pk Rich Yolk St Ewe Eggs


These are the eggs we use to make our very yellow fresh pasta.

Developed for chefs and foodies by the amazing St Ewe Eggs Farm - These infamous mixed weight eggs have rich, delicious tasting, deep orange yolks, giving cakes, pasta and patisserie a show stopping look. Rich Yolk have become our most popular catering range, as they are famed for the depth of flavour and vibrant yolks, turning an everyday omelette into a work of culinary art!

All St Ewe eggs are Red Lion Code registered, RSPCA Assured and Vegetarian Society accredited, offering total peace of mind even for vulnerable groups.

Available in 6 egg cartons.

Taste of the West 2020 – Gold

Great Taste Award 2019 – 2 stars

Pomodoro, Pasta,

Valori nutrizionali x y z

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