New Parents Meal Box

£60 £70

Make the most of every precious moment with your new arrival. Enjoy our hand-prepared artisan meals ready to eat in just 5 minutes with no washing up required! Our award winning tiramisu will make sure to give you that much-needed energy boost.

Choose between two boxes:

PIZZA BOX - What's inside?

 2x Margherita, 2x Mimi, 2x Marinara + 6 TiramisUGO (2x OR, 2x RUM, 2x CHOC)

LASAGNE BOX - What's inside?

6 portions of Lasagne alla Bolognese  + 6 TiramisUGO (2x OR, 2x RUM, 2x CHOC)

New Parents can also get 10% off for 12 months - Contact us on +44 (0) 7918427976

Subscription service available. 

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