PASTA Ai 4 FORMAGGI + Side + TiramisUGO


Spaghetti or fusilli with freshly made 4 cheeses sauce: Mascarpone, Cornish Blue, Cornish Gouda, Cornish butter and Grana Padano.

With an authentic selection of sides from Puglia and our award winning tiramisu. Don't forget to choose your flavour before checking out.

Pasta: (27%), Durum Wheat, Semolina., Mascarpone Cheese: (27%), (Milk),
Water, Cornish Blue Cheese: (5%), Pastuerised Milk, Milk, Butter (Milk) Salt.,
Mature Cheddar Cheese; (3%), (Milk), Gorgonzola: (3%), Skimmed Cow’s Milk., Parmesan (Milk), Olive Oil, Salt.

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